Our range of products include:


plastic and metal coatings for the automotive
and general industry

coil coatings

electrical insulating resins

SCHRAMM Coatings has over 8,500 formulations. Paramount is complete protection against attack on coated surfaces and modern designs which meet market and customer requirements.

We are worldwide recognised suppliers of coatings for the plastic and metal sectors in the automotive industry. For example coatings for dashboards and centre consoles and other plastic interior parts as well as coatings for windscreen wipers, shock absorbers, prop shafts, axles and engine blocks in the metal sector.

For general industry we produce among others paints for architecture, household equipment such as washing machines and fridges and paints for corrosion protection for exterior use as well as teltronics.

The main areas of use for our coil coatings include coil coating for exteriors of caravans, blinds, facades, roofs and housings as well as specialized coatings for the automotive industry.

In the electrical industry insulation resins are mainly used for control units and transformers.


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